Scary Girl

Hush Scary Girl, we don’t want any trouble

Hush Scary Girl, we surely do not want to see

Hush Scary Girl, unless you’re singin’ pretty nothings

Your voice is a terrifying thing

Hush Scary Girl, your talk of reconciliation

Hush Scary Girl, back to as you were before

Hush Scary Girl, you no longer serve our purpose

So burn the bridge and triple lock that door

We’d rather have you broken if it meant you’d shut your mouth

We’d rather see you crushed than stretched ourselves

We appeased you to your face in exchange for hasty exit

But you didn’t go away…You just wouldn’t go away

You refused to play our game and die in silence

Hush Scary Girl, now we just can’t have you thinkin’

Hush Scary Girl, this is not the way to be

Hush Scary Girl, now we can’t have people seeing

The Truth that Was and Is and Yet To Be

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