Journaling That Doesn’t Suck – 8/23/2016


Been getting outside to exercise lately, which is a very good thing. Tennessee is pretty, Y’all, and as of this morning blessedly not as hot and muggy as balls. Last week I went wogging in the rain, and the theme turned out to be not-at-all-subtle nature metaphors.


So very beautiful. So very dead. Freshly so. This butterfly was absolutely perfect lying motionless on its back. I dunno…I find a serene supreme beauty in that brief window immediately following death before decay. I spoke a blessing to Butterfly, “Well done” and thanked it for allowing me the privilege of being witness to such sacred sad beauty. There’s a lot of butterflies in this world. A lot of humans too. This one and I shared a moment in time and space in the universe.


I don’t know how far apart these trees are. I’ve always been terrible at judging distance beyond inches. Should I work on that? Anyhoo, can’t see it in this picture but there was a GIANT spider web suspended between the two, and I only saw it because of a few glistening water droplets that were attached. Had it been sunny, I probably wouldn’t have noticed it. Madame Spider was nowhere to be seen, staying dry I’m sure. Mighty impressive handiwork though. Classic web, very symmetrical. Just the kind of thing that would be a NIGHTMARE to walk into. I walked by these same trees this morning and noticed the web was gone. Perhaps the gardeners plowed through. On closer inspection I saw a fresh solitary strand connecting the two trees. Looks like Madame Spider is starting over. How can she even DO that? What is that, 12 feet? 6? 30? Like I said, I have no sense of distance, but what spacial acuity Madame Spider has! Way to spider, Spider. And trust me, I don’t want to touch your web any more than you want me to bumble into it and destroy it. I’ll be checking in daily to see how you’re hangin. I shall go forth and appreciate how comparatively little I have to do to catch my dinner.

P.S. Look at the leaves already dropping. I’m going to be living someplace that has a legit autumn season!!!

There’s something so affirming hanging out in nature (even if only a well manicured walking trail around an artificial lake). Observing the fish being fish, the birds being birds and bugs being bugs simply acting out of what they ARE, somehow frees me to just BE and embrace my humanness, no matter if clan and culture scream and spit that I’m doing the human thing all wrong. Nope. At least for today, I’m winning at being human just by paying attention. Rinse and repeat tomorrow and the next day.



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