4 thoughts on “Christmas Eve Candlelight Landslide

  1. I have been reading your blog, reading thru…crying for you, with you, and especially when you could not.

    JD, you are come into this land, and we have walked, you gaining bearing (s) and orientations…and then came the You version of The Great Reduction.

    I forget that I am ahead of the curve, a Waymaker, an Elizabeth to your Mary and the immolation that every true Mary must endure.

    I am so sad, and so hopeful all at once…and now in this here I miss and mourn for our not yet of growth and goodness and all truth setting free. But I think I know now, what to do, where to sit and it is not wherever you are, as it was when you first appeared in the land. For you have gone into “thetalos” and will emerge when you will (This is in the second of the books I sent you for Christmas, btw…I have been rereading them myself, thinking perhaps we would be reading them simultaneously. Trust me, they are as important to what you will be writing as Harry Potter…Phedre is my “Harry”)…but emerge you will.

    In the meantime, I am sitting by the fire and waiting, feeding it what meager fuel I can find and scavenge from around this stony and dusty land.

    I wrote this poem too early, and yet right on time.

    I may never ever be anyone, but I will always be the one who showed you the ways of the desert…and who will always wash your way with my umpteen million tears, because that is one thing I know how to do very well…cry to Mama with all my heart.

    Blessings to you this Christmas, for indeed the time prophesied by this poem is at hand.


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